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Songlift | The World's First Social Music Label

For the Music - For the Makers

Songlift is not just another music label. Songlift is the place where music comes alive. Together we make good songs even better. While we help each other to grow in our abilities, our mentors are always there to support and get the best out of you.

What can I do on Songlift?

As Producer, Musician or Other Artist

Get Paid in Regular Online Jobs

On Songlift you will find numerous paid tenders and collaborations in which you can participate for royalties.

Promote Your Services

Easily build up a public info page including your personal showcase. Upload your best works as references.

Grow into a Songlift Mentor

With constantly gaining experience you get the chance to become a paid mentor who will support songwriters on Songlift.

As Songwriter

Order Professionals to Enhance Your Songs

Invite people to work on your songs. Keep full control over whose contribution will make it into the final result.

Be Guided by Your Personal Mentor

Throughout the entire process you have an experienced mentor at your side who knows what makes the difference.

Get Valuable Feedback on Your Works

Share your music and receive timeline feedback to the second. Benefit from advice of experts around the globe.

Don't Stop There. What's Your Next Project?

High-End Song Production

Professional producers and engineers mix and master songs for publication.

Song Elaboration

Musicians contribute to songs providing their recorded tracks.

Soundtrack Compilation

Publishers or music labels looking for a soundtrack or compilation collaborate with songwriters around the globe.

Song Publishing & Promotion

Distribute and promote your songs by using dozens of great tools.

Music Video Production

Video artists create or direct innovative music videos.

Audiobook Creation

Professional speakers lend their voices to create audiobooks of any kind.

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