About Songlift

Francisco ("Paco") Durand is audio engineer, songwriter, musician, IT consultant and CEO of Songlift GmbH. Born 1971 in Salamanca, Spain, he grew up in Berlin, where he started with piano lessons at the age of 4. After graduating from high school he studied to become a sound engineer. Soon he came to programming by chance, which he still pursues today. Francisco now lives in Munich, where he founded Songlift in 2019.

Why I founded Songlift

Hey! I am Paco. You probably came here to know a bit more about Songlift and the story behind. And you might want to know why Songlift is different to all these other music service platforms out there. So I want to try to give you an idea of what the project is all about, what it means for me and, most important of all, under which circumstances you should definitely become an active member of our community.

The idea for Songlift came long before the first line of code was even written. As a songwriter, I had accumulated hundreds of tunes over the years. But the more stuff I was adding on top of the stack, the more I had the feeling that my work was not finished yet. What if there were any rough diamonds hiding there on my hard drive that would never see the light? And does it really take so much efforts to recover them and make them shine?

So I started to sign up on different collaboration platforms to get my songs done. Dissapointment should follow soon. Musicians would come and go, leaving behind the one or other really useful track. But most of the time these added pieces didn't really fit into the overall picture. And honestly, how could that work when there is no real "commitment" between my song and some musician from the other side of the world?

Next, I tried to find professional musicians who would add value to my song for money. In a few cases this worked quite well. However, here, at the latest, I realized that the simple principle of "Order-and-Buy" is not always the right one in music collaboration.

I decided to change that.

For the music. For the makers.

The key of Songlift is interactivity. This allows you to collaborate with a vibrant community in a variety of ways. Whatever goes best with your song! Also, guidance plays an important role on Songlift. What good is a workflow if you are not knowing where to go? That's why Songlift introduced the concept of mentorship. Mentors supervise the process of song building and can support you in many other ways. Through video chat, for example, you and your mentor can always join your fellow musicians in their contributions as if you were in the studio together.

Another common scenario on Songlift is the "Song Review" feature. Here too, mentors play a key role. By using all their experience, they give you professional feedback on your uploaded work that really matters. However, our great Songlift community still has nothing to hide. Let them evaluate or comment the status of your work at any time and get valuable input on how to get even better.

For the music. For the makers. This is more than our claim. It sums up what Songlift is all about. It's your work that plays the most important role. Together with you, skilled people, who create and work with it. My team and I try to make this possible for you.

I firmly believe that you are the ones having the best ideas on how Songlift could develop and I promise that our most important task is and will remain to design Songlift according to your very needs. Therefore we put a lot of importance on your feedback. Please do not spare with it. You will be surprised how much you can achieve with it, so do not hesitate to send us your feedback, criticism or suggestions.

Have fun on Songlift!