Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Songlift?

Songlift is the new collaborative music label for everybody. It is a fast growing community made up of musicians, songwriters, producers, DJs, engineers, publishers and many more. By helping each other with their projects online, everyone can upload or contribute to songs - and finally distribute them on 160+ music platforms worldwide. On Songlift, you can even find many experienced mentors who guide you through the process of taking your song to the next level.

Can I use Songlift for free?

Yes, definitely. With our Free Plan you can use most features at no cost. Please note, however, that for services ordered by you there may of course arise charges. To see what you can do, get an overview of our plans.

What is a "Lift"?

In general, a "Lift" simply is the process of making a song better. At the same time a "Lift" is also a kind of award. Every Songlift user can earn "Lifts" by contributing successfully to a song.


How do I publish a "lifted" song on Spotify, iTunes & Co.?

Songlift offers you the possibility to easily publish your lifted songs on all known music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes or Amazon. In addition, you can view your statistics on income, hits etc. via the Songlift portal. You can publish as many songs as you want without additional costs.

Note that you need a GOLD plan subscription to use this service. Here you can find an overview of our plans.

Please also note that the service described is provided exclusively by our partner Distrokid. Different terms may apply if you decide to process the transaction via one of our other distributors.

Which music platforms are supported?

We can publish your songs on the following platforms:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • iTunes
  • TikTok & Resso
  • Google Play & YouTube Music
  • Amazon
  • Pandora
  • Deezer
  • Tidal
  • Napster
  • iHeartRadio
  • ClaroMúsica
  • Saavn
  • Anghami
  • KKBox
  • MediaNet
  • 150+ others...

You can decide for each song individually on which services we should publish it.

What are the requirements for my song to be distributed via Songlift?

  • You must make a Song Pitch on Songlift. See Song Pitches.
  • The resulting Lift Agenda created by your mentor must include the option for direct publication. See Lift Agenda

Can Songlift distribute my original song (without lifting it before)?

Yes, under certain conditions this is possible. For this, your mentor must judge your original work as ready for publication. Nevertheless, you must always make a Song Pitch in advance.

Song Pitches & Mentors

What is a Song Pitch?

A Song Pitch is an initial presentation of a song by its owner. Every Song Pitch is followed by a detailed report about song quality, provided by an experienced Songlift user called Mentor. If your mentor sees a certain potential in your work, he or she can set up a so-called Lift Agenda. The Lift Agenda includes tasks, roles and estimated costs required to bring the corresponding work to public maturity.

In addition to the mentor, all other community members are also invited to rate a Song Pitch.

Who can make a Song Pitch?

Every Songlift user can make a Song Pitch. However, there may be restrictions depending on the subscription plan you have.

How do I start my Song Pitch?

On the Control Desk page, click on the blue "Start New Project" button in the upper right corner. Then select the tile named "Song Pitch". On the following pages you can upload your song and leave some information about it.

What are the rating categories of a Song Pitch?

The following criteria will be rated, where applicable:

  • Originality
  • Recognition Value
  • Arrangement
  • Recording Quality
  • Performance
  • Mix Quality
  • Up-to-Dateness

Does my song have to be "complete" to make a Song Pitch?

No, not at all. Even sketches of a song can be uploaded. Anyway, it is always a good idea to review a song as early as possible in its creation process.

What are Mentors?

Mentors are experienced Songlift users who play a supporting role in Collaborations. By making a Song Pitch, a user is automatically connected to a mentor. This mentor does a detailed review of the user's song and may create a new (unpublished) Collaboration out of it. The user then can decide if the Collaboration should be published or not. Once published, the same mentor keeps on coordinating every step with the song owner.

Users even have the option to hire a mentor to interact with contributors - live by video chat.

Every registered Songlift user can apply for becoming a mentor.

How can I communicate with my mentor?

The easiest way to communicate with your mentor is via Songlift's text chat. Wherever you see the speech bubble icon behind a username, you can click it to leave a text message. Alternatively you can do the same by going to a user's profile page and clicking the Chat button. Within the opening chat window you can also switch to video chat by clicking the camera icon.

If your counterpart is not online at the time you send your message, he or she will receive an email.

Do I pay for the services of a mentor?

That depends on your subscription plan. But also Free Plan users can take advantage of the services of a mentor under certain conditions. However, an extra charge could apply for each contribution order, if a mentor is involved.

How can I become a mentor?

To qualify as a mentor, you should have some practical experience as a music producer. That said, if you have collected a certain number of Lift Points on Songlift and you applied for a mentorship via your profile settings, you have the best chances to become an official mentor soon.

Lift Agendas

What is a Lift Agenda?

The Lift Agenda is compiled by a professional mentor in the context of a Song Pitch. It includes tasks, roles and estimated costs required to bring the corresponding work to public maturity.

The Lift Agenda is to be seen as a suggestion only and must be confirmed by the song owner before it becomes effective.

How can I confirm a Lift Agenda?

The Lift Agenda is provided to you privately along with the public analysis of your song. On the Lift Agenda page you can then click on the button "Confirm Agenda".

What happens if I reject a Lift Agenda?

Nothing serious. Your song is still available on Songlift until you remove it. However, you have the possibility to start your own collaboration with it at any time. See Collaborations.

So I confirmed the Lift Agenda. What happens next?

The collaboration on which the Lift Agenda is based is being published and launched. It is like a common collaboration, with the exception that there is a mentor involved.

Each time before a decision needs to be made - such as selecting a bidder or confirming a contribution - your mentor will consult with you about it before taking action. See Mentors and Collaborations.


What is a Collaboration?

A Collaboration on Songlift is a collaboration request. You can open a Collaboration to invite other registered users to contribute to your project.

What kind of Collaborations are there on Songlift?

There are three different types of Collaborations:

  • Public Collaborations
  • Private Collaborations
  • Contests

What is a Public Collaboration?

Public Collaborations address every registered user. However, you can also invite users to contribute.

What is a Private Collaboration?

A Private Collaboration is a Collaboration where registered users are invited by the Collaboration host to contribute. Private Collaborations are only visible to users contributing or being invited.

What is a Contest?

A Contest is a challenge for all registered users - hosted by Songlift.

  • Taking part in contests does not oblige you to become active on Songlift in any other way.
  • Contributors can win prizes.
  • Every registered user can join.
  • By participating in contests you can improve your Songlift profile and make it more interesting for other community members.
  • By publishing your contest entries on Songlift you can collect valuable feedback from experienced members.
  • Contests give you the opportunity to qualify for becoming a paid Songlift mentor.

How can I start my own Collaboration?

Just click on the button "Start New Collaboration" which is located on the upper right of your Control Desk. On the next page you can choose between the different Collaboration types.

What are Tasks?

A task is the smallest unit one can contribute to, like "Play Cello Tracks" or "Mix my Song". Each task can be price tagged and has a single contributor assigned.

What are Stages?

A Collaboration consists of one or multiple stages. Only one stage can be active at a time. Stages bundle tasks that can be worked on independently of each other. When one stage is finished by the Collaboration host, the next one will be automatically activated.


How can I apply for a Public Collaboration?

On your Control Desk you can find an overview of active Collaborations on Songlift. The "Recommended for You" lane contains Collaborations that could be of special interest for you, depending on your personal skill profile. Just click on one of the collaboration tiles to get to the project's detail page. Here you can find all contributions and their related media.

If you want to contribute to a Collaboration, do the following:

  1. Select the contribution that you choose as source for your own contribution from the Contribution Navigator, this does not necessarily have to be the original entry.
  2. Look for the task, you are interested in and click its button "Apply".
  3. On the next page, confirm your application.
  4. A new contribution has been added to the Contribution Navigator. Once this contribution is selected, you should see a button named "File Manager". Click it.
  5. That leads you to the page where you can download the source files that you need for your contribution.

What Is a Video Pitch?

With a video pitch, you demonstrate your skills to the host by recording a fast video to their playback. Depending on the task, you can sing or play an instrument, for example, live in the browser without having to download files first.

To start a video pitch, click on the button "Make Video Pitch" behind your name in the list of applicants. (It may be that the button is not displayed, e.g. if the host did not provide a playback or the current stage is any other than "Song Building").

How do I make a Video Pitch?

  1. Click the button "Make Video Pitch" located behind your name in a collaboration's list of applicants.
  2. Practice as long as you want by running the playback audio.
  3. Click on "Open Camera". (If your browser asks, please grant permissions to use camera and microphone.)
  4. Click on "Start Rec." whenever you are ready. Be sure to use headphones!
  5. Perform along to the playback.
  6. Check your recorded video by clicking "Play".
  7. If necessary, shift the video track relative to the playback by clicking the arrows at "Queue Video". Keep adjusting until video and playback are in sync.
  8. Click "Send" to submit your video exclusively to the collaboration host.

How can I upload my contribution?

Click the button "File Manager" to get to the page where you can upload your files once you are done.

How much time do I have to upload my contribution after downloading the sources?

Depending on your type of plan subscription the Collaboration is blocked for a certain amount of time before the Collaboration host can finish the corresponding stage. Please check our Plan Subscriptions page for details.

So I uploaded my contribution files. What happens next?

The Collaboration host has to decide which of the provided contributions will make it to the next stage. This procedure is called "approving a contribution". However, they can change their minds at any time until they finally finish the stage. The contributions approved at this moment will be taken to the next stage and their contributors will get paid.

The sound quality of my contributed audio files is poor. What's wrong?

First, double-check if your contributed audio on Songlift really sounds different from your source material. If so, it should be obvious that the file was not converted correctly during upload. In this case try the following:

For any reason the bit rate might be encoded incorrect in a source audio file. Check the meta data of the file that you uploaded for the entries

  • Bit Rate (should not go below 16.000 Bit/s)
  • Sample Rate (should not go below 44.100 Hz)

and correct the values if necessary.

File Transfer

What is the File Manager?

The file manager is used to share files within a collaboration. You can call the File Manager by clicking a button on your own Contribution Page. The File Manager allows you to download, stage and upload files.

How can I download collaboration files?

You will find a button "Download All Stage Files" at the top right of the File Manager page - whenever files have been made available for the collaboration. Clicking on the button will download a ZIP file containing all sources.

What is the File Stage?

You can understand the stage as a place where files are exchanged in both directions, i.e. for uploading and downloading. The files that are on your stage are also displayed on your Contribution Page. You can "stage" files by selecting them either by clicking the button "Select from Device" or by dragging them onto your stage. There you can change name, category and accessibility for each selected file before uploading them.

I want to contribute files. How can I upload them?

Uploading files to Songlift is a 2-step process: First you can drag files to the so-called Stage or select them with the button "Select from Device". These files will then be displayed there as so-called Staged Files. You can change the name, category and access rights of each individual staged file. Only when you click on the orange upload button the staged files will be uploaded with their settings assigned.

I cannot upload my staged files as the upload button is greyed out. Why that?

Below the File Stage you will find the File Summary, a list that gives you an overview of the individual file categories. Sometimes it is necessary that a certain category has at least or exactly one file assigned. If you want to upload a new mix, for example, it may be necessary that it is available as Audio Master so that it can be processed further. You will be warned in the File Summary if there are any discrepancies. As soon as you fix them, either by adjusting the file categories of the staged files or by selecting them again in a different format, you will be able to upload your files by clicking the upload button.

What is the difference between Audio Demo, Audio Master and Audio Track?

There are three different audio categories: Audio Demo, Audio Master and Audio Track.

  • Audio Demo: An audio file which is only used to hear the actual contribution in the context of the whole song. For example, if you have contributed a guitar track, you will also need to upload an Audio Demo that presents your guitar in context with all other available instruments. An audio demo is always a compressed file, e.g. an MP3. But you can also choose an uncompressed or lossless format which will be converted automatically during the upload.
  • Audio Master: An audio file that contains your actual contribution as a whole song, e.g. a mix. Audio Masters must always be uploaded in lossless file formats, like WAV or AIFF.
  • Audio Track: An audio file that contains a single track or stem. Audio tracks must always be provided in a lossless format, like WAV or AIFF. Also note that audio tracks must always have the length of the complete song they belong to.

Why are the original source files displayed on my file stage?

You can understand the stage as a place where files are exchanged in both directions, i.e. for uploading and downloading. The files that are on your stage are also displayed on your Contribution Page. Often when you move new files to your stage, old files are deactivated. You can recognize this by the fact that they are crossed out. Only when you click on "Upload", they will be removed from your stage - if confirmed by you. So you rarely have to clean your stage manually from "old" files.

Bids & Orders

Why can't I place an order?

The reason why you cannot place an order is probably because one or more contributors of your Collaboration have only recently started to contribute. It can be very frustrating for a user working for nothing. That's why Songlift gives every user a "grace period" for uploading their contribution. So, depending on a contributor's type of plan subscription a Collaboration might be blocked for a certain amount of time before its owner can finish the corresponding stage. Please check our Plan Subscriptions page for details.


What is a Wallet and what is it good for?

Your Wallet is the place where your virtual money is parked. When you pay others or receive money from others these transactions take place between your Wallets.

How do I get paid for my approved contribution on Songlift?

Whenever a collaboration owner finishes a stage with one or more of your paid contributions approved, you receive the agreed credit. This credit will be instantly added to the total balance of your wallet.

How do I pay others for their contributions on Songlift?

When you create a paid collaboration you specify a salary for each of the commissioned tasks. Finishing a stage with one or more contributions approved initiates the same number of transactions to the respective contributors. The salary amount is taken from your wallet and transfered to their wallets.

I just finished a stage paying out a contributor, but my wallet balance keeps unchanged. Why?

This happens because the amount of all task salaries within a stage has already been blocked at the moment of publishing that stage. However, afterwards the blocked amount is still there though substracted from your total balance. It is refunded when finishing a stage without approved contributions.

Why is my wallet balance reduced when I publish a stage?

Blocking the amount of commissioned task salaries increases the faith of potential contributors as they understand that they get paid without exception - should their contributions be approved. However, the blocked amount is still there even if subtracted from your total balance. It is refunded when the stage is finished without approving any contributions.

How can I deposit money on my wallet?

Depositing money on Songlift is very easy. To transfer money to your Songlift wallet just click the wallet icon in the menu bar and select Deposit Money. Select the total amount to deposit, then choose your favorite payment method. Follow the instructions of our payment provider.

How can I withdraw money from my wallet?

To withdraw money from your Songlift wallet click the wallet icon in the menu bar and select Withdraw Money. Select the amount to withdraw, then choose your favorite payout method. Follow the instructions of our payment provider.

Why can't I withdraw money from my wallet?

Withdrawing money is bound to some restrictions:

  • You must have made at least one transaction. However, it does not matter how the transaction was directed, if you received or paid money.
  • Money that was provided to you in the form of a starting credit can only be used for paying out contributors.

How much are the transaction fees for the different transactions on Songlift?

There is an Overview of Fees on our Terms of Service page.