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Who we are

Songlift is not like other music labels. We are not interested in signing only the "best" bands and songwriters. We don't even expect their uploaded songs to be perfect...

...'cause that's where you come in!

Our community is a professional bunch of international producers, musicians and artists... want to be one of them?

We want you!

How it works


Someone makes song pitch

Our songwriter community provides their newest works non-stop for review


Song gets audited by pro mentor

A professional mentor will analyze that song


Start of "Lift Agenda"

An agenda with individual tasks is published within the Songlift community


Enjoy your royalties

Earn either royalties or song shares - as desired



After winning the bid, you and the mentor will work out the song accordingly


Bid for single task(s)

You get notified whenever your skills are needed. You can bid for contribution instantly.

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What you get

Earn Money with Your Skills

On Songlift you will find numerous projects in which you can participate for royalties or copyright shares.

Promotion of Your Works

Your own profile page including work samples will ensure you a larger network and further projects.

Become a Paid Mentor

As a proven and reliable professional, you will quickly get the chance to become a mentor for musicians.

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More highlights

Secure and Fast Payment

Get your royalties credited instantly and manage it on your own wallet. Our service provider PayPal is your reliable and secure partner.

Your Personal Profile Page

Present yourself with samples of your skills on Songlift. A great opportunity to showcase yourself to other people!

Valuable Community Feedback

Share your works and receive timeline feedback to the second. Benefit from advice of experts around the globe.

Text & Video Chats

Communication is a top priority at Songlift, whether you want to have a brief discussion with contributors or discuss the next steps with a mentor.

Easy & Secure File Management

Share files securely and instantly with others. Keep full control over who has what access rights to any single file of yours.

Full Copyright Control

Instead of money, you can easily contribute for shares of a song, if you prefer. Of course, there is absolute transparency in terms of copyright ownership at all times.

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